Spot UV Boxes

Spot UV Boxes

Custom spot UV boxes are designed to protect your valuable items and make sure they are shipped safely to your customer. Our experts at RCB will design and produce your custom boxes to ensure a perfect fit for your product. Spot UV boxes Wholesale are the outer shell of an item, which is mostly printed before it is assembled at the manufacturer or assembly line. The spot UV is then placed on top of your product to ensure that it stays in pristine condition until its final delivery. Our spot UV box line will protect you from any kind of damage that may occur during transit. As an added benefit you can use the spot UV box line as a storage solution when you need extra protection, which also increases profitability. It also allows you to attach multiple pieces of information, such as barcodes, into the same box without any additional trouble from production. So why wait? Get the most out of your brand with our custom spot UV boxes!

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Frequently Ask Questions

Custom Spot UV Boxes

Spot UV boxes can be designed in various unique ways, from different sizes and shape to different color schemes and patterns, to help your goods stand out in a crowded store. Various approaches are possible. The front straight tuck style is one of the modern designs. The possibilities are endless when you work with us, and our team will gladly assist you in refining any ideas you try out.

Find the Perfect Layout That Suit Your Needs

Our clients are given the option of selecting the finest material available according to their tastes. We employ sustainable resources to craft our spot UV box packing, so it may be used repeatedly without adding to environmental stress. These boxes can be made of cardboard or Kraft paper, whichever you like. Spot UV boxes wholesale can be purchased in various sizes, shapes, colors, and styles to accommodate a wide range of products.

Different Designs for Spot UV Boxes

Spot UV boxes can be built in a standard, straight tuck-end design or a more elaborate, gable design. Our decision hinges on yours. The custom spot UV boxes can be further personalized by including a die-cut window. The boxes' aesthetic value and the view quality will be much improved by installing these windows. Several embellishments, like embossing, debossing, ribbons, bows, etc., are available to enhance the visual appeal of your Spot UV boxes further. Your Custom Spot UV Boxes will be protected from grime, water, and scratches due to the additional finishing procedures.  Moreover, we give our clients a 3D model of the packaging box they will receive. Once the design is finalized and given the go-light, production may begin. We always try to think of new ways to please our loyal clientele. Our expert staff will preserve the quality and standards of your custom packaging. Our expert designers help you bring your imaginative box concepts to life. To top it all off, our professional designers will gladly offer their advice while you make your unique box at no extra cost.

Spot UV Boxes will Increase Your Brand Recognition

Spot UV boxes wholesale are available upon request. Some areas on the custom spot UV box may also be glossed over. We'll put these wherever you want them to be. Our limited edition spot UV boxes make even the most unremarkable item look fancy and expensive. Spot UV can be applied to a box to make it look however you like in terms of size, shape, and design. These custom spot UV boxes are useful for anything from standard retail packaging to packaging for rare or unusual things.

The Perfect Add-Ons

You can acquire the spot UV box of your dreams by utilizing our services. Embossing, debossing, and embellishments like bows and ribbons are all options for the box's final touch. We can also provide a transparent pane so your consumers can see what's inside the box. Customers are enticed to purchase by the product's transparent window. Our commitment to quality and excellence in everything we produce has never wavered. Our products were manufactured under the watchful eyes of our crew. They guarantee printing and package quality. All attention will immediately be drawn to our lightweight and convenient boxes.

Get Your Desired Spot UV Boxes from RCB

We've constructed our spot UV boxes from materials that can be recycled or broken down naturally without negative effects on the ecosystem. You can choose between Kraft, cardboard, or corrugated box. We present a good picture of the company to the outside world. Prices for our spot UV boxes wholesale are very reasonable. Before finalizing our order, we'll show you the 3D model of the box. Contact us immediately to place an order and lets start our packaging journey together !!

RCB understands how packaging is important for the product sales. Therefore, we help you to match this fast-paced market with our special and exquisite tailored box packaging, all suited to your needs and preferences. Stand out from the crowd with our exquisite custom printed boxes.

Yes, we do ship to other countries other than the United States.

After getting done with all the requirements of your packaging boxes, we take up to 10 to 12 business days. The standard turnaround time for the orders takes around 10-12 business days while rush turnaround time is around 5 to 6 business days. The time may vary with the location and number of custom boxes you have ordered. However, the bulk orders may take a few extra days to get manufactured. If you want to get your custom boxes delivered urgently, we highly recommend you to choose the rush production option.

Once you have finalized the dimensions, material, and design, we start working on the production. However, the production time may take 6-8 business days.

Refine Custom Boxes aims to provide its customers with cost-effective packaging solutions for custom printed boxes. Pricing may vary considering a few factors such as box style, dimensions, box material, ink coverage on the box, and quantity. The more you order, the more you save. We provide our customers with great offers and discounts for custom orders of 5,000 and more. However, we firmly believe that our pricing justifies the quality of the boxes we provide. If you have queries about pricing or customization that might affect the custom box order, then our customer support team is here to help. Send a message, now!

We do not have any minimum order restrictions. The starting order can be up to 100 boxes. No matter the size and number of the custom boxes is, you will get these boxes delivered to your doorstep.

Yes, we offer free graphic design and layout support. We can also edit and groom a plan that you had from some other source.

Our skilled and dedicated in-house design team can easily put a logo on the box. All you have to send is the artwork and we will review it, if necessary. However, if you don’t have a designed logo, we can easily customize it according to your requirements. Our in-house design team will send the logo for final reviews. Please hit a message before confirming your order. Our customer support team is happy to help you!

No, we do not charge for shipping. Although we offer free shipping to our customers. All you have to provide us with the required details and you will get your custom printed boxes delivered to your doorstep in a quick turnaround time.